KX-NCP0158 Specifications

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KX-NCP0158 Технически характеристики

Category Items Specificstions
 Basic Spacifications  Wireless Interface  DECT
 Number of Simultaneuos Calls  8
 Repeater Connection for
 Range Extension
 Power Supply  PoE (IEEE 802.3af) and AC adapter
 CODEC (Wireless)  G.726
 CODEC (IP)  G.711, G.729a
 (Selectable by each IP CS)
 IP & PBX Features  VoIP Signalling Protocol  Proprietary
 LAN Port  10 base-T / 100 base-TX
 Jitter Buffer Size  Max. 200ms
 IP Port Number Flexible Setting  Yes
 DHCP Client  Yes
 Static IP Address Setting  Yes
 Syslog  Yes
 LED for Status Indication  Yes
 Software Upgrade  Yes
 PS Handset Software Upgrade over Air  Yes (IP CS software upgrade required)
 DECT CTI (From NCP V2)  Yes
 Initialisation  Yes (set by DIP switch)
 Site Survey Mode  Yes (set by DIP switch)
 Configuration  Yes (via PC Maintenance Console)
 General Specificatiions  Dimensions  178mm x 180mm x 35mm
 Weight  400g
 Operating Temperature  0°C to 40°C