Accessoryes and keys for KX-NS0154

Activation Key for CS (NS0154CE)

Activation_Key_pic KX-NS0154CE_web.jpg 
Model No.
 Activation key code*
Allows the use of up to 8 channels on 1 CS
Allows the use of up to 8 channels on 5 CSs
Allows the use of up to 8 channels on 10 CSs
 Allows the use of up to 8 channels on 20 CS

Optional Accessories

AC Adaptor.***
 AC Adaptor**
KX-NS0154 KX-A239 (PQLV206) /
KX-A239X (PQLV206)
KX-A239UK (PQLV206E)
KX-A239EJ (PQLV206E)
KX-A239X (PQLV206)
KX-A239X (PQLV206)
KX-A420BR (PSLP1662)

* To obtain additional activation keys, purchase the appropriate activation key codes and access the keys an activation key file from the key managemen

  • Activation key files must be installed on the PBX. For details, refer to the PC programming manual for your PBX.

  • When activation key are installed an 8 chanels can be used, the LED color turns from green to blue.

  • If CSs that have been expanded to use 8 channels are connected to a different PBX via a one-look network, CSs connected to the other PBX will not be able to use 8 channels.

  • If CSs that can use 8 channels in a one-look network are automatically rerouted to a secondary PBX when the primary PBX fails, activaion keys are also required for the secondary PBX.

  • For details about installing activation kays, refer to the installation manual for your PBX.

** This unit complies with the IEEE 802. 3af power-over-ethernet (PoE) standart. If PoE is available on your network, this unit can receive the necessary power from the network through the ethernet cable. In this case, no AC adaptor is needed. However, if PoE is not available, you will need to connect an AC adaptor to the unit.

*** To order an optionalAC adaptor, please order using the "KX-A239xx / KX-A420BR" model number (not "PQLV206xx / PSLP1662"). For details about which AC adaptor model numberyou shouldorder, consult your dealer.